About Us


We are a USA-NKF (United States of America National Karate-do Federation) club school. Within the USA-NKF are some of the finest karate athletes in the United States. This gives our students a unique advantage of training and competing with the finest athletes, both nationally and internationally. Our instructors regularly attend referee clinics in order to assist in building our students into the the finest karate athletes possible.

Our Lineage
We are extremely proud of our lineage of martial arts and its connection to Okinawa. Sensei Bedwell has traveled to Okinawa and in July of 2011 recieved his certificate directly from Hanshi Shugoro Nakazato. Sensei Bedwell’s teacher, Kyoshi Pat Haley travels to Okinawa every year in order to remain true to his art. This type of direct connection to Okinawa allows our students to receive a pure source to Okinawan Karate and its use of combatives.