Welcome to Bedwell's Karate

What’s important to understand is, the benefit of the martial arts is not the focus of your training but the natural by-product of proper training in a traditional school. 



Our school's philosophy is to put people first. As a result you will immediately notice that things are different around our school. We have purposefully created a small school designed to give each student individual attention from the instructors. 

Our programs are designed to be an age specific.  As a result each age group has found benefits they never could have imagined. It’s common to hear parents remark about the respect, discipline and confidence their child has developed. 

Our adult students often comment about improved fitness, stress relief, added flexibility, and their ability to defend themselves and their families.



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Junior Classes

Our junior program is designed to be athletic and competitive. As they progress, you’ll be amazed as their confidence soars, and their focus becomes laser sharp. Our juniors often compete in local, regional and international tournaments. Though tournaments aren’t required to progress, most kids that thought they were not athletes found themselves to be very accomplished competitors. This led them to added confidence to try new endeavors they never thought possible.
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Adult Classes

Our adult program is simple. Every class is designed to improve your ability to defend yourself. The focus of this class IS NOT competition but effective combative techniques. You’ll gain added flexibility, stress relief and confidence to protect you and your loved ones. We focus on making our environment family friendly. Safety is our number one concern.
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USA National Karate-do Federation

The USA National Karate-do Federation (USA-NKF) members are among the ranks of thousands of Karate practitioners and enthusiast who enjoy the highest caliber support system of Karate in the United States.

The USA-NKF has within its technical, administrative, referee, medical and athlete corps an impressive group of competent, internationally certified, world class Karate-ka of the highest integrity.

These men and women are dedicated to the promulgation of Karate-do, to the educational and financial support of its athletes, and to the dissemination of our experience and skill in the martial arts to the community at large.

The USA-NKF has within its ranks some of the finest Karate athletes in the world. A USA-NKF athlete has garnered every World Championship Medal won by the United States in the 15 years. In addition our membership includes eight United State Olympic Committee Karate Athletes of the Year, five World Championships Individual Bronze and Silver Medallists, and countless other internationally acclaimed junior and senior medallists.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the USA-NKF depends upon the talent and efforts of its volunteer corps who are mutually vested in the welfare and future of America's Karate participants. If you are not a member of the most influential Karate Organization in the United States, please take the time to first acquaint yourself with our Organizational structure and then please join us as a member. We look forward to your involvement.

(from www.usankf.org)

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